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Barcode Scanner APK v1.1 (Latest Version) Free Download for Android

Download Barcode Scanner APK For Android Smart Phones and Devices. Bar codes are everywhere these days from products to groceries you buy from market. Bar codes are small images with lines on then representing the product code on which they are assigned. Bar-code Scanner uses your smartphones camera to detect bar codes. The Efficient app lets you to scan almost all types of bar-codes such as ISBN, EAN, UPC and HCCB. You can scan your bar codes with this amazing android application easily. If you are having low light and your camera isn’t capable of seeing the images its built in flash mode will use your flash to capture bar-code in high light.

Not only Bar codes this super-efficient app is also capable of scanning QR Codes as well. QR Codes are slightly different from bar codes they have capability to store information in both vertically and horizontally as well unlike bar-codes stores only horizontal data in lines. 

You can also generate your QR Codes with Bar-code Scanner App and share it with our friends and contacts easily. I think you have learned much about this app and if you are willing to give it a try you can download Barcode scanner free from the given link, Leave a Comment if you liked the App or Not That will help other users J.

What Else you can do with your Barcode Scanner APK:

Well there are number of thing that you can possibly do with this amazing app couple of thing I have mentioned below have a look.
  1. It scans all type of Barcodes whether they are EAN, UPC or any other type.
  2. Not only Barcode this App lets you to scan QR Codes as well.
  3. You can generate your own QR Codes with this App.
  4. It has Flash Option for dark environments.
  5. You can keep track of Scanned History.
  6. You can easily copy the scanned code information to your Clip board.
  7. It has very efficient Auto Detection Capability.

Details & Requirements

Application NameBarcode Scanner Android
Package IDam.barcode.reader
Size8.44 MB
FormatApk File
SystemAndroid Operated
Android Support4.0 and Higher
Developed ByWell Apps
Download LinkDownload Apk
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