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Cloud Root APK 2021 (Latest Version) Free Download for Android

Cloud Root APK latest version for android smart phones and tablets, looking for top Cloud Root APKs for Android? You are in right place in today’s post we have shared list of best Cloud Rooting Application available in market. Cloud Root is a term used for those android applications those helps you in rooting your phone or tablet in single.

To use Cloud Root applications you do not need to know any programming skills all you need to do is download these applications and rest of work will these apps will do for you. We have shared list of 100% Working Android Rooting Tools to any android based smart phone. But before you rush to download these amazing apps you need to know few things about rooting you android phone.

By Default your android phone has some limitations which you are not given access but after rooting your android phone you can access them all, let me give an example you may always be thinking how to improve your phone battery and speed capabilities but you don’t get any perfect solution the reason for that by default your android phone doesn’t allow you to increase them or in simple words you can’t cross the limitations those are fixed by phone manufactures but after rooting your phone you can tweak up these limitations, not only these but you can also create Real Backups of your phone with some great apps like titanium backup you can only use this application only if you have root access on your phone.

Root access is also known as Super User some times. But Wait like everything rooting your phone has some also drawbacks like if you root your phone won’t be able to claim your phones warranty, or getting any new updates, so it’s clear that rooting your phone has advantages as well as disadvantages now it’s up to what suits you well. If you want to root your phone and made up your mind for that then let’s discuss these Cloud Root APKs using these you can easily root your Android Phone or tablet.

1. Kingroot APK:

As the name says “King” this powerful android application is capable of rooting any version or companies smart phone with single click. Some of the tested mobiles with kingroot are Samsung, Motorola, Amazon Fire, LG Mobile Phones and many other leading smart phones.

App Details
App Name: Kingroot
Current Version: 5.2.1
Older Versions: 4.4.4 and 4.4.2
Application Size: 14.2 MB

Download Kingroot (Cloud Root Version): Download Click Below

2. Kingoroot APK:

Kingoroot and Kingroot are most dominant Rooting Applications in market, Kingroot is yet another great example of cloud rooting applications.

App Details

App Name: Kinogroot APK

Current Version: 5.2.1

Older Versions: 5.2.0, 4.2.0, 2.0.1, 1.0.1

Application Size: 14.2 MB

Download Kinogroot (Cloud Root Version): Download Click Below

3. TowelRoot APK:

TowelRoot is one of the best Cloud Rooting Application in Market that lets you to root your android phone with single click.

App Details
App Name: TowelRoot APK

Current Version: 3.0

Older Versions: 1.0, 2.0

Application Size: N.A

Download TowelRoot Apk : Download Click Below


The Term "Cloud Root" is used for such apps which are most used and authentic apps in market we have shared the list of top apps above you can use these apps to root your android phone, all of these versions are 100% working and checked by our team and many other users and got positive rooting. Happy Rooting :).
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