Thursday, September 28, 2017

Firefox Klar APK Latest Version Download for Android

Firefox Focus (Klar Version for Germany): The Privacy Browser is yet another great android application from Mozilla. It allows users to browse internet in privacy mode without any tracking from websites and other sources. You can experience the web without worrying about your privacy. Mozilla believes in rights for users on web and is fighting for this cause since 1998. Firefox Klar (also known as Firefox Focus) is a Private Browsing Browser unlike other browsers this app does not allow websites to track you or add any cookies you can use internet like no one is watching. You can erase your History, Passwords and Cookies so won’t be facing unwanted ads showing on your screens. As this app is backed by Mozilla so you do not need to worry about its speed and durability its one the simply efficient and fast browser with safe atmosphere for users. By Removing ads and unwanted trackers your browsing experience will be more fast efficient from other browsers. It has Automatic Privacy Feature which keeps you safe from unwanted cookies and tracking like location and history of your phone browsing data.

Note: The Orignal name for this app is Firefox Focus but It is also known as Firefox Klar in German-speaking context. In order to avoid the ambiguity with the German news magazine FOCUS.

We are living in a Digital Era where Privacy is most important part of it for some users who want to use internet without been followed by Tech Giants and Websites. Have you ever thought you are searching for something on web and in few minutes you will be showing ads on similar topic that you were searching few minutes or a day ago yes you are been traced by websites. Have you ever thought about a browsing experience where you do not need to wait long times to load web pages and unwanted pop ups and ads well the solution for all these problems is Firefor Klar APK. Install this great Privacy Browser and Forget about all of these worries and enjoy Fast and Private Browsing. You can Download The Latest Version of Firefox Focus (Klar) APK from given Download Link Below.

Firefox Klar Features

  • Automatic Privacy: Its Automatic Privacy feature automatically Block Trackers, Cookies and Unwanted Ads from Websites.
  • More Privacy: You can erase your Browser History, Passwords and Cookies for any wanted following like Ads.
  • More Speed: You will experience faster browsing speed than any other browser as it automatically blocks tracking scripts and cookies so the pages will load faster.
  • Made by Mozilla for You: Mozilla Believes in User rights on internet and fighting for this cause since 1998 and this Application is outcome of that struggle.

File Details

Application Name : Firefox Focus (German : Firefox Klar)
App Size : 3.4MB
Android Support: Android 5.0 and Up
Version: 2.2
Format : APK

Download Links : GET APK

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