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Kingroot 4.4.2 APK Latest Version Free Download For (Android.4.4.4 and 4.4.2 )

Download Kingroot 4.4.2 Free for Android Devices. This Amazing Android app lets you root your android smartphone phone or tablet. If you are looking for a tool to help you with rooting your android device then Kingroot 4.4.2 APK is your Angel, This Simple yet powerful app comes with many great built in features that makes it capable of rooting almost all types of android phones. The Reason why kingroot is best among rooting tools is because of its One Click Root Feature, you do need to be an android expert to root your phone with this App all you need to do is download the app install it and hit the launch button shown on app and your phones rooting procedure will be start in few seconds Cool Right? Yes, we only share those apps which work 100% perfectly and checked by our team, if you are looking for a good android Rooting Tool then Kingroot is our Suggestion. You can download Kingroot APK Latest Version from given Download Link Below. If you don’t know about Rooting Process Advantages and Drawbacks Then You should Read this Post First if you know about them then you are good to go.

Kingroot 4.4.2

There are many other Android Rooting Applications as well like TowelRoot v5, Kingoroot and Many More you can also try these alternatives as well. But for most of android phone models Kingroot 4.4.2 Works and we have checked and carried many tests as well. Kingroot has many versions like 4.4.4 and 5.0.01 but This 4.4.4 has been tested world-wide and has been successful on many mobile phone models like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, One Plus, Pixel and many More.

 Why Root Your Android Phone?

Android Phones comes with many features it is worlds most used mobile operating system due to its large app collections and its amazing built-in features but when your Android phones comes with some hidden features and functions by default they are not accessible but after rooting your phone you can access to all hidden features of your Android Smart Phone or Tablet. So what are they everyone talks about Rooting your phone gives you unlimited access but no  one talks about them but don’t be confused more here are those hidden features or you can say The Great Hidden Treasure of Android :P.
  • If you Root your Android Phone You Will be able to install custom ROM and Kernels to your Android Phone.
  • You can boost your Androids Phone Battery and Speed.
  • You can Make Complete Backups of your Android Phones with Titanium Backup APK.
  • You can Block Unwanted Ads that comes on your screen.
  • You can Enjoy More Apps. Also ones which are not compatible.
  • Like every other App this app has many great advantages and also some draw backs as well we have discussed the disadvantages of Rooting Phone in below Paragraph.

 Why Not Root Your Android Phone?

Rooting Your Android Smart Phone also have some drawbacks we have discussed some of the below.
  • No More Warranty:  Once you root your Android Smart Phone you will be not able to claim your Warranty.
  • No More Updates: You won’t be able to get updates from your phone manufacture.
  • Your Phone May be dead: In Rooting Process there are chances you might lose your mobile.

Features of Kingroot 4.4.2
  1. Comes with One Click Root Feature which will ease your Rooting Process.
  2. Allow you to install and Uninstall System Applications as well.
  3. You can block unwanted ads and updates.
  4. You can install and uninstall apps from all sources.
  5. You can Increase your Phones Capabilities like Battery and Speed.

How to Root Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 via Kingroot

If your phone is using Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 Then you can easily Root your Android Smart Phone with Kingroot 4.4.2 and 4.4.4. All you need to do is follow following steps.
  1. Download Kingroot 4.4.2 From Above Download Link.
  2. After Downloading Install it on your Android Device Make Sure to Allow Unknown Sources from Settings> Unknown Sources > Checked.
  3. Open Kingroot Application and you will see a Launch Button Click on Click.
  4. Now in Few Seconds your Rooting Process will be Start.

Download Links For Kingroot 4.4.2:

Kingroot 4.4.2 : Download
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