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Phone Test APK (Hardware info) Free Download (Latest) for Android

Download Phone Test Hardware Info APK to check your Phones specifications and hardware information this android app lets you to check your Android Phone or Tablet Hardware and Manufacturer Details. You can check your phone Model, Brand, CPU, RAM, Sensors, Sound, Touch and many more. You can download Phone Test APK free Latest Version from given below link.

If you want to purchase a new or used smart phone or tablet and unsure about its Specification and hardware information then you can use this application to test your Android Phone or Tablet. When you go to purchase a new phone the first thing comes in our mind is whether it will work fine or not either its hardware is working properly or not but there is no way we can check these things until but now which Hardware Info APK you can check the phone or tablet properly before buying it. Some Phone Models like Samsung have special Codes to check Phones Functionality and Hardware but for most of other brands we need to have an expert with us or proper software to test phones functionality this app can be your personal Expert when it comes to check an Android Smart Phone or Tablet. Developed By “An PhamPhone Test (Hardware Info) is one the best Android Tool to check android Smart Phones and Tabs. This App comes with Basic and Advance Testing Features for Both Software and Hardware of Devices.

Downloaded by 100,000+ Users Phone Test App is one of the leading Hardware Testing Android Apps in market. If you are looking for a Good App to Test all of your Phone Function and Hardware Parts we suggest you this application as it has testing options for both Information and Testing of Hardware Parts one by one. Based on user’s reviews this app has very clean and easy to use user-interface you do not need any guide to use this application all you need to do is install this app and you will be shown all the available test in form of buttons just press any button and this app will start that particular test and will give you Details about it. You can use this application to test any android smart phone i.e. Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, Chinese Phones and many other. So Download Android Phone Test (Hardware Test) APK Free from given link below.

Tests you can perform with Phone Test APK

This App comes with Three Testing Options Phone Information, Single Test and Full Test. Here is List of Test you can carry out with this application.
  •    Information Testing Options

You can perform following information tests using this application Model, Brand, CPU, RAM, OS Version, Memory and Telephony.
  •    Hardware Testing Options

You can Perform following Hardware Tests using this application Sound, Vibration, Microphone, Brightness, LCD Screen, Touch, Multi Touch, Camera, Flash, Sensor, Compass, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Battery.

Features of Phone Test (Hardware Info APK)

  • This App lets you check your Phone Information.
  • You can check your phone Hardware works properly or not.
  • You can check your Phone Sensors, Sound, Vibration and LCD Screen.
  • You can Test any Smart Phone or Tablet before buying it.
  • You can Check Phone whether it’s working properly or not.
  • You can use this application for free, Download link is given below.
This was all about this application you can download free and install, if you still have any Questions or queries you can ask using comment form below. Our team will get back to your query as soon as we get it. 

File Details 

Application Name: Phone Test APK (Hardware Info)
Format: .APK
Size: 5.1MB
Developed By: "An Pham"

Download Phone Test APK (Hardware Info) : Download(5.1MB)

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