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WiFi Doctor APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Download Wi-Fi Doctor-Detect Boost APK to Secure your Wi-Fi Connection from Being Hack. You can secure your Home and Office Wi-Fi from unwanted users this All in One Wi-Fi security android app can be your Personal Wi-Fi Security System against all of your Network Security Issues. Developed by PICCO Designed Wifi Doctor App is Number 1 app when it comes to run Network Detection and protect your Internet from unwanted activities, So Download the Latest Version of Wi-Fi Doctor APK from the given Download Link below.

Click Here to Download Wi-Fi Doctor APK

Are you Having Problem with your Wifi? Is your Wifi is being used? Is your Wifi Connection is Slow? If you are having any of these problems want to get over of them then you are in right place. In Today’s Post we have shared an amazing android app to Secure and Boost your Wifi Connection Speed. Wifi Doctor will run Real Time network scans to check how many users are connected to your Wi-Fi will you can block un-wanted and un-secured users with your Wi-Fi Doctor-Detect & Boost App. This App will automatically detect backgrounds apps which are using your Internet connection secretly this will boost your Internet Connection Speed. You can make an eye on ever user who is connected to your Wi-Fi and on every app, some apps automatically re-launch themselves when we stop them Wi-Fi Doctor will close those un-necessary apps automatically and this will boost your Internet Connection Speed. You can also implement different Security levels and you can resolve all of your Network Connection Problems with this Single Android App. If you want to have a Secure and Fast Internet Connection then Wi-Fi Doctor APK is one must have app for you, all you need to do is install this app and sit back and relax the rest of work this app will automatically do for you. This app has a great feature called Wi-Fi Spy Detect which will automatically scan all of connected devices to your Wi-Fi Device showing their Model and MAC Address in Detail, so if you saw an un-wanted device in spy detect list you can block those un-wanted devices. This was brief description about Wifi Doctor APK (Wifi Security Android App), now let’s Discuss some of the features of Wifi Doctor for Android.

Wifi Doctor-Detect & Boost APK Features

  1. Real Time Network Control: You can check you Wi-Fi Device Security either its safe or not. Control Activities over your Wi-Fi Network. It will automatically detect un-wanted connected devices and attacks like Phishing Spots by blocking malicious connections.
  2. Boost’s Internet Connection Speed: Wi-Fi Doctor will automatically detect backgrounds app if they are using your network connection secretly. This app will block those apps from using internet connection and will allow maximum bandwidth to all allowed and authorized apps.
  3.  Super Boost Feature: If any apps will re-launch without authorization and try to use your internet connection this super boost feature will block those apps from re-launching and using your internet connection.
  4. Wi-Fi Spy Detect: If any unwanted or un-authorized devices are connected to your network you can easily spot them with Wi-Fi Spy Detect Feature. This Feature will Show you all the connected devices to your network with their Brand Names and MAC Addresses, In This way you can block all of unwanted devices from your Wi-Fi Network.
This was all about this Amazing Wi-Fi Security Android Application If you have still any Questions and Queries you can Ask using Comment Section Below. Our Team will get back your Query as soon as we get it.

File Details:

Application Name: Wi-Fi Doctor-Detect & Boost
Size: 3.55 MB
Format: .apk
Developed By: PICCO Designed
Android Support: 2.3(Gingerbread ) and UP.
Download Wi-Fi Doctor Latest Version: Download(3.55MB)
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