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BusyBox APK v59 (Latest Version) Free Download for Android

BusyBox is a Android Application that allow you to use many standard UNIX Command-line Tools for Rooted Android Smart Phones and Tablets. This is a small application comes with some built-in executable's to use with Linux Kernel. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux". Download BusyBox APK Developed by Stephen (Stericson) Latest Version for Android Smart Phones and Tablets.
BusyBox App
BusyBox Android App

If you are an Android Geek or Love to play with your Smart Phone you must have heard about BusyBox Application but many questions rise about this application what is busybox? how busybox works and many others. BusyBox is application that comes with some built-in UNIX command-line operations ready to execute. Just Rooting your Phone is not always enough to get most of your phone, many of Mod and Root Applications need these commands to work properly and this is where Busybox App helps you with by allowing you to run these commands so that you can run such applications on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet. If you have a Rooted Android Smart Phone or Tablet then BusyBox is one must have application for you.

You can Download BusyBox Application from give download link in the end of this post. but before downloading this application you must have a Rooted Android Device if you are not sure you can check your phone with Root Checker APK and if your Phone is not rooted then you can use Universal Androot, Cloud Root and Kingroot 4.4.4 to root your Device, once you have a Rooted Android Device then you are good to go. Download APK File of BusyBox from given download link in the end of this post.

How to Install/Use BusyBox Android Application?

  1. Before Downloading this application Remember If you are Newbie or don't know much about this application i suggest you to not use this application because you might have chances of some serious software or hardware problems. If you are a Pro and Know enough about such application you are Good to Go.
  2. Download BusyBox APK File From Given Download link in the end of this post.
  3. Now Open BusyBox App it will ask for SuperUser Permissions on your phone "Grant Them" if you face any problems you can install SuperSU APK to get Super User Permissions on your Phone.
  4. Now Hit the "Install Button" and after few seconds the Installation Process will Complete and Installation Process will Complete.
  5. Now Open the Application and you will see list of executable commands on your app screen.

BusyBox Features:

  • BusyBox Provides many standard UNIX Command-Line Operations.
  • BusyBox Comes with many Built-In Commands and Regulary Updates with many New Commands.
  • BusyBox comes Ad Free and does not need any Internet Connection to Perfom.
  • Many Mods and Root Application Need BusyBox as it comes with necessary Commands for those applications.
  • You can Download This Application for Free.

Details & Requirements

Application NameBusyBox
Size3.46 MB
FormatApk File
SystemAndroid Operated
Android Support4.0 and Higher
Developed ByStephen (Stericson)
Download LinkDownload Apk
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