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NFC Tools APK v6.4 (Latest Version) Free Download for Android

Download NFC Tools to easily read, write and program NFC Tags and RFID compatible chips. You can read all the compatible NFC tags with your android smart phone or tablet. Just download and install NFC tools apk 6.4 free from our site and install on your android device and take your smart phone to NFC tags and it will automatically detect and reads them.


NFC Tools Apk has been tested with some of the most used and popular NFC tags including NTAG 203, 210, 212, 213, 215, 216, Topaz 512 (BCM512), Ultralight, Ultralight C, MIFARE Classic 1k, 4k FeliCa and many other tags as well. NFC Tags are everywhere these days from super stores to electronics these tags are come with some sort of information stored about the product on which they are assigned but to read these tags you need special equipment but if you are an android user and want to read these tags using your smart phone device you can read them using NFC Tools App for Android.

NFC Tools not just read and write NFC tags but it can also do some very use full tasks for you.  Like you can program your NFC Tags to do your repetitive boring tasks including Turn on the Bluetooth, set an alarm, control the volume, share a WiFi network configuration and so much more. If you are a tech geek and want to play with nfc tags you will find this application very useful because It comes with 100 of tasks and infinite number of combinations which you can use to program your NFC Tags
Remember! To use this application your android device must be compatible with NFC feature and you must have permissions to work with NFC on your smart phone and device. Before installing this application make sure to enable unknown sources on your device. Once you followed all the mentioned protocols, Download NFC Tools v6.4 APK (Latest Version) Free for Android Smart Phones and Tablets.

NFC Tools Features:

  • The "Read" tab allows you to see data on NFC Tags around you.
  • The "Write" tab let you record standardized data on your NFC Tags.
  • It also comes with basic necessary functions i.e. copying, erasing and password protecting your NFC tag.
  • It comes with 100 of tasks and infinite number of combinations.
  • Friendly and Easy to Use – Interface makes everything very easy to use.

How to Use NFC Tools App on your Android Device?

First of all! Download NFC Tools APK 6.4 from our site and install it on your android device once you successfully installed the app on your device now launch the app on your device and you will see following Tabs: Read, Write, Others and Task option. Every Tab has a different functionality below are the detailed processes of each Tab.

The "Read" tab allows you to see data such as:
- the maker of the tag
- the type of tag (ex : Mifare Ultralight, NTAG213)
- the norm of the tag (ex : NFC Forum Type 2)
- the available technology (ex: NFC A)
- its serial number (ex : 04:85:c8:5a:40:2b:80)
- the size of the tag and of the data on it
- if you can write on the tag and if the tag can be locked as read only
- all the data on the tag (NDEF format)

The "Write" tab let you record standardized data such as:
- a simple text
- a link to a website, a video, a social profile or an app
- an email
- a contact
- a phone number
- a predefined text message
- an address or geolocation
- a WiFi or Bluetooth configuration
- personalized data.

Details & Requirements

Application NameNFC Tools
Size6.20 MB
FormatApk File
SystemAndroid Operated
Android Support4.0 and Higher
Developed Bywakdev
Download LinkDownload Apk
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