Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vaulty 4.3.3 APK (Latest) Free Download for Android

Vaulty-Hide Pictures and Videos App download for Android Operating System devices, Smartphones and tablets. Vaulty is a security app for the Android devices that lets you to hide your private photos and videos that you don't want anyone to see. Download now Vaulty for your phones and device give more security to your personal pictures and videos. Its a very helpful app for the users who want to hide their photos and videos files from other. Vaulty is a Private Photo Vault & Video Hider for Android smartphones, tablets and devices that provides full security to your private photos and videos on your device. This vault app is a must have security app to secure your personal photos and videos.

Download Free Vaulty latest version for Android OS devices and phones, an easy way to protect your most private images and videos. This app is simple and has a great interface you can use it easily on your Android to hide your images and video files from the prying eyes. This is a perfect solution for every users who wants to keep people away from their private file.

More About Vaulty-Photos & Video Hider App for Android:

Hide your pictures and photos with Vaulty. A trustful Locker App for Android phones and devices that will make your private staff safe and secure from others. This app lets you to hide your photos and videos in easy way. Download app with the help of download link given on this page. Once you get the apk file of this Photo Vault for your Android, install it and launch the application on your device then tap the icon "Lock" at the top of the app. it will give show the list of your photos and video or photo albums. Now tap on the file to select them to hide and click at the top to hide your files and that's all. It will remove your photos and videos from gallery and hide safely in vault so no one can access your files without you The best feature of the app is it can safe your data in case of accident. You can use online auto backup to save your photos and videos.

File Details

Name: Vaulty-Hide Pictures & Videos
Version: v4.3.3
Size: 7.17 MB
Format: .apk
OS: Android
Android Support: 4.0 & Above
Developed By: Squid Tooth LLC
Click to download apk file
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