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Gallery Vault APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Looking for an application to hide photos, videos and other Private Stuff? GalleryVault is an android vault app that lets you to hide and lock your personal and private photos, videos, documents and other important data you want to be protect. Gallery Vault APK is one of the best security app to protect your most private photos and videos from any unwanted access as it comes with multiple security options including Hide Features, PIN Protection and Pattern Protection, you can even your Vault App icon from your home screen and apps and you can only launch the app using the special PIN from your Dialer and also from browser using special URL.
Gallery Vault APK
Gallery Vault APK comes with multiple security features to keep your private data safe from your phone users and to avoid any accidental access to your most private photos, videos and other stuff. Another cool feature of this application is that you can create two PIN’s for your Vault Real and Fake one if someone insist you to show your vault you can give them the Fake PIN after which they will able to only see the selected photos in your vault and your most private photos will be secure with the actual Real Pin isn’t it cool? Yeah not just these but if you want to have an extra layer you can always hide your Vault App icon so that no one will ever know that you have a vault installed on your device. The reason we uploaded this app on our site is we review this app as one of the best and most secure gallery vault application for android users.

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives and contains all our important data including social media accounts, contacts, photos, videos and other important stuff by default android phones and tablets comes with many security options but sometimes they aren't enough especially when you have private photos and videos on your smart phone or tablet as people can accidentally sneak into your personal data this exactly where you need an extra layer of protection to avoid such situations and the best suitable option for this is to install a third party Vault Application on your Device and when it comes to best security app Gallery Vault APK is one perfect solution as we discuss above it comes with multiple security option that no one will have can access your personal data. you can also try hide media apk .

Gallery Vault APK Features you need to know:

  • You can hide your Personal Photos and Videos with GalleryVault App.
  • Secure your Private Data with PIN and Pattern Locks.
  • You can even Hide your App Icon so no one know even its installed of course you can access it with private PIN from Dialer and Browser.
  • It also comes with Real and Fake Pin so if someone knows you have vault and insist you to give PIN you give them Fake PIN you have created using which they can access the vault but can see only those images which you selected.
  • User Friendly and Easy to use – User interface makes it very easy to use for the owner of smart phone.
  • Free to Use.
This was all about GalleryVault App so if you have make up your mind to install this app. You can Download Gallery Vault APK V3.8.3 Latest Version Developed by “ThinkYeah Mobile” Free for Android Smart Phones and Tablets, Best Vault Apk for Android Devices.

File Details:

Application Name: GalleryVault
Size: 8.0 MB
Version: 3.8.3
Developed By: ThinkYeahMobile
Android Support: Android 4.1 or Up
Package Name: com.thinkyeah.galleryvault
Download Link: Download (8.0 MB)
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