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Android is one the leading smart phone operating system billions of devices are powered by Android and this number is increasing day by day. If you are an android fan you must already know why this operating system is loved so much. But sometimes you get into a situation where you need to install completely fresh or new operating system for your smart phone? What will you do? Or if you want to get rid of issues like Pattern Lock, IMEI Unlocking and many other issues that most the times we face? You must be thinking! Is there any tool that can help you get rid of all these problems at same time, well yes Android fastboot reset tool v1.2 is a tool you were looking for it has ability to fast reboot and reset your android device in no time.
Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2 is one the perfect tool to easily reset and boot your android smart phone or tablet using a Windows PC or Laptop. But wait before you start anything we highly recommend you to only use such tools when you have a deep knowledge and understanding of Firmware, Custom ROM installing and Factory Reset if you are trying first time then we suggest you to Back up your All Phone Data to an external storage to avoid any unwanted situation. This is tool comes with many options it allows users to unlock bootloader of any android device, one can easily remove FRP of smart phones like Motorola, HTC, Sony Mobile, Lenovo, Mi Xiaomi any many others, it also allows users to IMEI Change, Unlocking Phone and SIM Lock any many other options are available in this advance tool.

One of the Core Features of this tool is FRP Removal which is why this tool get so lots of attention so what is it? What is FRP? Most of you must be thinking at this time well FRP (Factory Reset Protocol) is security function used by many smart phones which is used to reset the entire mobile phone but it only allows you if you know Password in most of the cases and earlier smart phones the default password was 0000 but not in all the cases so if you forget your password this Protocol won’t allow you Reset your device or if you are having a used smart phone which you bought from market and don’t know its FRP Password you can use Android fastboot reset tool 1.2 Full Setup File to Remove FRP Protocol from your smart phone in single click.

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Android Fastboot Reset Tool Core Features:

This tool comes with great built-in features for android smart phones in this section I am going to explain you few core features of this tool. This is all in one tool for Professionals, Technicians and Android Geeks. We are not recommending to do anything unless you don’t have full knowledge. The Core features of this application are mentioned below.
  • It allow users to unlock bootloader of any android smart phone.
  • It allow users to unlock FRP of the most of devices.
  • It has ability to change IMEI of any smart phone.
  • You can get all the Information of your Smart Phone and Android Versions.
  • Hardware and Software information of android devices.
  • Prompts Open Command with GUI.
  • It supports: Motorola FRP Unlock, Lenovo Mobile FRP Unlock, Mi Xiaomi FRP Unlock, HTC FRP Unlock and Sony Mobile FRP Unlock.

How to use Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2 Setup to Unlock FRP?

Before Starting this process let me clear some points this post is only for educational and informative purposes and only for professionals who have deep knowledge in this area of study. We are not suggesting to do anything this post is entirely for educational purposes. So let’s get started!
This Tool comes with GUI (Graphical User Interface) which makes the half of the process very easy you don’t need to go for multiple tools for single procedure. 

Step 1: First of all you need download the Setup File we have already given a link to download file in the end of this post. 

Step 2: Once you downloaded the Setup File for Windows to your Computer you need to install it on your PC or Laptop.

Step 3: Now the next step includes connecting your smart phone to your PC or Laptop before doing this make sure that you have your smart phone fully charged of at least 50% of battery reaming. 

Step 4: Once you connected your Phone Run the Installed File of android fastboot tool and you will see a list of options you can select any of the option.


This was all about this amazing tool you can explore more about it after installing the Setup from the given download link below. This is one great tool developed by Mohit KKC. Android is great operating system and a great field to study this was just a tool that takes you too deep into the field of study. If you face any problems or have any queries regarding this tool you can ask using the comment section below we will get back to you as soon as possible. Suggestions are welcomed!

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