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Android is world’s leading and widely used smart phone operating system with great built in security features such as Pattern Lock and Password Protection and most of us secure our devices using these security options but what if you forget your Pattern Lock or Password for your Android? Well this is situation which everyone wants not to get into but it happens most of the times. Don’t worry in Today's Article we are going to share an amazing tool with you known as Android Multi Tools v1.02b.
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Android Multi Tools is free Pattern Lock and Password Remover software which can be used to remove pattern and security locks from your android smart phone or tablet. This is a very helpful tool which is used by professional’s all over the world in today’s guide I will explain to you how you can unlock your android phone if you forgot Pattern or Password of your device with Android Multi Tools.

If you forgot your Pattern or Password for your Device, most people will suggest you to Reset your smart phone that works also but the problem is you will lost all of your smart phone data and for sure you don’t want that to be happen but with this Tool you can remove password or pin without losing your data. Android Multi Tools v1.02b is Developed by SE-Thailand and available free to download and is compatible with Windows XP/7/Vista/8 and 10.

Android Multi Tools is also comes with other features as well such Device Info, Reset Face/PIN Lock, FastBoot Mode, Wipe Data / Cache and many others detailed list of features are given below.

Things you need to Install Before using Android Multi Tools:

If you want to recover password or pin using this software make sure to install following things first.
  • Make sure to install ADB Installed on your Computer or Laptop, if not installed you can download it using below link.
  • You will be also need to install Drivers for Android Multi Tools, you can install using below download link.
  • Both of the Files are Given in Original Download Link Below. 

Android Multi Tools Features:

  • It has ability Check your Device information without rebooting it.
  • Easily Reset Pattern, Password or PIN Lock of your Android.
  • It has ability to Wipe Data and Cache on Fastboot mode.
  • Android Multi Tools v1.02b has ability to Reset Face/Gesture Lock.
  • If you have forgotten your Gmail ID you can reset it using this software.
  • You can also check Software and Hardware Information of your device.
  • Android Multi Tools is available free to download and use with complete features.
  • You don’t need remember or press any buttons to carry out all these tasks you can carry out these by connecting you Smart Phone to PC / Laptop.

How to download and Use Android Multi Tools v1.02b by SE-Thailand?

Android Multi Tools is very easy to use as it comes with simply GUI (Graphical User Interface), but we have also given step by step guide below.
  1. Download Android Multi Tools Version 1.02 from our site Direct Download Link Given Below.
  2. Extract Files to specific destination on your system and Click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe.
  3. A Pop-up will appear asking you to grant some permissions, grant them and wait.
  4. A GUI Command Prompt will launch on your System or Laptop with Following Options Device Info, Reset Face/PIN Lock, Fast Boot Mode, Wipe Data / Cache and many others.
  5. You can use any of these option each option is programmed to carry out specific task on your device.
  6. If you want to Reset PIN/Face Lock Type 2 and Hit Enter. Similarly you can do same for all other options as well.
Android Multi Tools v1.02b


This was all about this Android Multi Tools you can reset your device password or pin using our guide and you can also carry out other tasks as well as I mentioned above but if you still face any problems while using this software you can ask using the comment form below.

To Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b by SE-Thailand for GSM Forums, Follow Below Download Link to Free Download for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10.

Download Android Multi Tools:

Software Name: Android Multi Tools
Size: 361 K
Version: 1.02
Developed By: SE-Thailand
Operating System Support: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download Link -1: Android Multi Tools v1.02b (ZippyShare)
Download Link -2: Android Multi Tools v1.02b (ZippyShare 2)

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