Sunday, September 2, 2018

Ampere APK v3.11 Free (Latest) Download for Android

Are you using charger without knowing that charger is compatible with your device? Most of the users not even think that the charger they are using to charge their phone's battery is standard for their battery or not. Things like these are looking normal for us but we don't even think about our device battery health. Ampere APK is a brand new application for Android Smartphones, tablets and devices to measure the voltage that need to charge your device battery. 
Ampere for Android gives all information about the charger that you are using to charge battery. Its means you can able to figure out that your charger is still working or better or you have to change charger to charge your device in safe and better way.  Ampere is a very useful tool to find out the voltage you'll need to charge your battery. This means you can figure out if your old charger still works or if you should change it in order to recharge your device in a safer and more efficient way. The charing and discharging status of your battery, Ampere App will help you to measure these all. 

This app works with most of the Android OS Phones and Devices. Its necessary to know that Ampere Apk App is supported your device or not. The application supports Android OS Version 4.0 and higher devices and phones. If your Android OS is compatible with Ampere Apk then you can download it for your Android. You can also Free Download Battery Calibration Apk & Battery Doctor Apk from this site.

Features of Ampere Apk for Android:

  • Its available to download for free.
  • It gives information about your device charger like; power, input output voltage and more.
  • Know about your device battery such as battery current status, battery percentage, model of battery, version, manufacture related info and more.
  • Compatibility of charger, you are using to charge device.
  • No need to root device.

File Details

App Name: Ampere
Version: v3.11
Size: 5.8 MB
Format: .apk file
OS: Android
Android Support: 4.0.3 & higher
Developed By: Braintrapp
Download Link: ampere apk
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