AndroRAT APK (Android Remote Access Tool) Full Version + Complete Guide

If you are looking for an application to help you getting information about any android device including call logs, messages, contacts, notes and other information then Androrat apk is perfect solution for you. It is simple client server remote administration tool, which allows you connects any android device in order to get all the necessary information from that device.
Androrat Apk is one of the best remote administration tool to keep an eye on any android device and it can give to access to call logs, messages, contacts, notes and other data on targeted smart phone or tablet. The app is developed using Java language to run on android devices.

The App comprises of two main parts Android APK Binder and AndroRat server site application, don’t get confused it simply means that you need to install client side on targeted smart phone or tablet and you can monitor it using server side application which you can used using your PC/Laptop
You can Download Androrat APK binder from given download link below. We’ve also given the download link for server site application as well. There are many sites claims to providing apk link for androrat server site but in reality there is no apk file available for this tool. The binder is available in apk format which you can download.

However if you want to monitor any android device using androrat app you will need both server side and client site software in order to achieve this. So stick with the post till end because we are going to explain everything about this amazing android application.

What is AndroRAT APK and How to Use?

AndroRAT is client/server Remote Access Tool that is developed in Java Android for Client Side and Java/Swing for the Server Side, This tool is used for Remote Access Connection and is developed by a 4 Members for a University Project.

The Name Andro-Rat is mix of Android and Remote Access Tool. The main use of androrat apk is to give remote access from a PC or Laptop to android device, which can be used by professionals to solve technical problems and assistance for android smart phone users.

Before starting the process have a look at its amazing features;

Download AndroRAT APK Binder + Full Setup File:

Click Below to Download AndroRAT APK Binder and Full Setup File, The APK is in .Zip Format so make sure to install any .RAR Software to Open Files.

Top Features of Androrat:

  • You can get into any Android based smart phone to get access to all the information on that phone including messages, contacts, call logs, the location of the network, browsing history.
  • You can use the camera of targeted phone to take a snap with front and back camera to find out who is using at that time.
  • You can monitor the phone live to what is going on that device, same like remote connection if you are familiar with it.
  • You can help any user with technical support from your Home Computer, the app is very useful for distance help with technical issues of android phones.
The app can be used control and monitor any smart phone which belongs to you in order to avoid any unwanted situation and you can always keep an eye or spy your own android smart phone.
Androrat APK

These were some of the cool features of Androrat app, if you want to enjoy all these features you will need to install the app on your android smart phone tablet and server side app on your computer download links for both of files are mentioned below.

How to Use AndroRAT?

  1. Before Starting the Process you need to create IP you can use no-ip to create one and then create Host.
  2. Now select the port you want to use.  To do that you need to Open Control panel > Network & Internet > Network & Sharing Centre Then click on see full map option Right-Click on the Gateway or router>Properties In general tab, Go to settings , Click on add In Description of service , Write Androrat Now you have to check your ip, To Do this , open command prompt, enter ipconfig, Scroll To ethernet Adapter local area connection,and note down the ipv4 address Now come back to Add window , in the name or ip address type the ipv4 address you have noted Now in the external & internal port number , type 81 , tcp should be selected, click ok Now click on Add button again…Now in Description , write androrat 1 In the name or ip address, type the ipv4 address you have noted Now in the external & internal port number , type 81 , udp should be selected, click ok.
  3. Now Download the .zip file from the download link below and extact the apk binder file on your computer.
  4. Go to No-IP Tab and now you need to fill your information & click on update button.
  5. Go to Build Tab.
  6. In IP section, type the hostname you have created using no-ip explained in point 1.
  7. In port section you need to type 81.
  8. In apk title,Type any title you want use.
  9. Check the hidden box to hide the apk from mobile’s app drawer.
  10. Click on Go.
  11. Now you will see the apk with the title you have given in the extracted folder.
  12. Now install that apk to any android mobile phone you want to monitor.
  13. You will find a folder named Androrat in the extracted files.
  14. Open Androrat>Androrat.jar (you should have java installed in your pc to open it).
  15. Now click on server> Select port and enter 81, click ok & restart it.

Application Details & Requirements:

Application Name: AndroRAT 
Version: v1.0
Size: 520 Kb
Format: .apk file + Setup for Server Side
System: Android + Windows
Minimum Android Support: All Android OS
Download Link: Download (520 KB)

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