Root Genius APK v2.2.86 Free (Latest) Download for Android

Why one needs to Root Android device? Android root is the process to explore device or phone more than before. Rooting is the process to get more from device. Android device root is same as the jailbreak in iPhone. Root access on Android lets users to enjoy more features. You can easily mod the operating system, this includes working on the system files, apps etc. Even you can able to install any app you want. It means once you have rooted your Android you can overcome the barriers of limitations. However Android Rooting  is somehow hard to achieve, there are chances of device damages such as; it voids device warranty, chances of device bricking, software problems etc. To root android device, smartphone or tablets you need to be conscious during whole process. By following the complete precautions a user can able to get device rooted. The most important task is to select a reliable AutoRoot Tools App. Its most confusing for ever one to choose a rooting tool. There are many free Android rooting apps on internet, you can use to root device. Here we are going to share a simple tool with you that will help you to root device in simple way. Root Genius for Android is one of the most powerful app that allows yo to root your Android phone or device. Root Genius APK is an another fast and reliable Android One Click Rooting Tool, you can install on your device, smartphone or tablet to root in easiest way. 
Root Genius APK
Root Genius is a free Android application to root devices, smartphones and tablets. Its a well known rooting app which helps Android users to get device rooted in very less time. Root Genius APK offers a simply way to root device. It has a simple user interface, so everyone from a beginner to an expert can able to use it easily for rooting purpose. This Android Root App is compatible with the most of the Android Operated devices, smartphones and tablets. Root Genius is one of the best Android Root App that allows you to get fully rooted phone, device and tablet.  

Root Genius Apk is beneficial for rooting purpose because of its powerful functions. It lets you to root device in a safe way. So Root Genius is a safe Android rooting App. You can get root access on your device through very easy steps of this application. Furthermore make sure that your device is fully charged or above 50% charged before starting the process. Interrupting the root process leads to software issues, so you have to follow the necessary precautions for successful rooting.

If you want to try any other Android App to root your device, then the popular alternatives to Root Genius are; Kingo Root Apk, Baidu Root Apk & FramaRoot Apk.

Root Genius APK Features:

­čöŁFollowing are some of the main features of of this popular root tool for Android, you can experience all these features by installing it on your device.

Free Download:
  Root Genius App for Android is available to download for free.

Easiest Rooting Tool:
  This App for Android is the most simple rooting app, its easy to use. You can get your device rooted by following very easy steps.

No Internet Connection:
  It works offline, there is no need of any internet to use this app.

One Click Root Solution:
  Its a simple app, that offers Android root in just a single click.

Without PC:
  This app allows you to root device without using any computer.

Compatible with all Android devices:
  RootGenius supports most of the Android OS devices, smartphones and tablets. 

Download Root Genius (Root Genius.apk) for Android:

Want to download Root Genius App for your Android device, phone or tablets. Here from this site you can download application for free. We have provided the Root Genius Apk for Android. Download at the last of this page, tap on the direct download link button to get .APK File for your device.

Root Genius Apk

Steps to Install Root Genius APK:

­čöŁFollowing are the simple step you have to follow to install app on your Android phone or device.

  • Once you download the apk. file completely on your phone. You have to change the security setting from your phone settings.
  1. Go to the setting from your phone's menu.
  2. Search for the security setting from the list and tap to open it.
  3. Now Enable "Unknown Sources".
  4. After that locate ".APK File" of Root Genius. Tap on it to install application.  

Application Details & Requirements:

Application Name: Root Genius
Version: v2.2.86
Size: 9.08 MB
Format: Apk File
System: Android Operated
Minimum Android Support: 4.0 & Higher

Download Link for Root Genius: Download

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