Apental Calc APK 2019 (Latest) Free Download for Android

Looking for Best Auto Liker App? Apental Calc is one of the most popular auto liker app available for Facebook Users. In Today’s Post I am going to tell you about Apental Calc which is one of the most downloaded auto liker app on the web, it helps you to gain free likes, comments, and shares for your photos. All you need to do is login to your FB Account with this app and select the photo or post on which you want to increase likes.
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We are living in era of social media where having presence on social media sites like Facebook is very common. These sites help’s you to get connected with your friends and family in your busy routine. When it comes to presence on Facebook everyone wants to have many friends, likes, comments and shares it gives them popularity among their friends circle. If you are a Facebook user who wants to increase likes on your photos then ApentalCalc is perfect application for you to get more organic likes.

Apental Calc which is commonly referred as Apental is free facebook auto liker app that helps you to get more likes for your photos shared on Facebook. It has global community and millions of users are using this application around the world this creates a strong community of people helping each other to gain more and more likes.

Download Apental Calc 2019 APK Free for Android:

Download Apental Calc 2.52 APK (Latest Version) Free for Android Smart Phones and Tablets. There are two versions of this app version 2.51 and 2.52. The latest version also known as new apental which is v.2.52.
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Direct Download Links for Both Old and New versions are given below in File Details Section. Just make sure to enable unknown sources on your device before installing and follow below guides in order to work this app properly.

How to Increase Likes on Photos with Apental Calc APK?

Although due to its easy to use user interface Apental is very easy to use but if you want to know how it works follow this guide carefully to increase likes on your photos.
  1. Step1: The First Step is to Download this application on your device for that download apental calc apk v2.52 from the given download link below.
  2. Step2: Now that you have successfully downloaded .apk file. Allow Unknown Sources on your android device you can enable this option from Phone > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable.
  3. Step3: Install the Apental APK on your Device and wait till the installation process completes. It may ask for some permissions grant them.
  4. Step4: Once the Installation Process Completes Launch the App on your Device and you will see a login form. You will need to login with your Facebook Credentials (Don’t Worry This is 100% Safe to Use).
  5. Step5: Once you successfully log in to account go to any photo on which you want to increase likes. Soon after you opens a picture you will see a button “Want Like on This” Tap on the button and in minute or two you will start getting likes.
This was A to Z Guide on how to use apental calc app to increase likes on your photos and posts. If you still have any questions about this app you can ask using the comment section below. We get back to your query as soon as possible our team is 24/7 available to help you out with it. Ab Liker is another similar app you can try with this app for more likes.

Apental Calc Not Working How to Resolve? [Fix]

Many Users asks that this app is not working for them well this is not something wrong with the app don’t worry just make sure these requirements in order to fix this issue.

Before using this app always make sure to do some settings on your Facebook Profile otherwise you won’t be able to get any likes if you didn’t follow these settings.
  • Make Sure to Enable Followers on Facebook Profile. In order to get likes from apental community you will require to allow people to follow you on your Facebook Profile.
  • The Selected Posts (on which you want to increase likes) has to be set as Public from its privacy settings. Otherwise people won’t be able to see it to give you likes. 
  • The Last thing you need to make sure that you have properly selected and submitted post and you have 18+ year on your Account.
Apental APK 2019 File Details

Important Notice As of January 2019: Due to popularity of Apental Calc App there are many fake clones of this application available in market and available all the most popular .APK platforms on web none of the actually works so if you want to get likes make sure to install the original apental calc app which is available on our site, AppApks and the official site only which s.apental site.

Top Apental Features you need to Know:

Well as you know already know that social media is a great platform not only to get connect with friends but also get exposure and promote yourself, business or brand. But on social media if you want to popular something you surely need more and likes and shares to achieve this. So this app has all the right tools for you some of the most popular features of this app are as follows:
  • It helps you to get more organic likes on your Photos.
  • It helps you to get likes on your Statuses, Posts and Videos.
  • If you are using social media for a business or brand this app will help you out to reach more users around the world.
  • Having a strong social media presence gives an overall exposure among your friends and people around the world.
  • If you want to reach out to more users around the world and want to share your story this is a one perfect application for you.
  • You can also use apental as social media marketing tools for your future strategies in order to get most of it.
  • Not only Likes it will also help you to get more shares and comments on your posts.
  • This app helps you run successful social media campaigns.


This was all about Apental App for Android, Don’t get confused by different names such as apental, apentalcalc etc all are same for original apentalcalc app for android due to its popularity it has become popular and associated with many names. Just make sure to download original version from the given the download links.

App Details & Requirements:

Application Name: Apental Calc
Version: 2.52
Size: 2.0 MB
Format: .apk file
System: Android Operating
Minimum Android Support: 2.3 & higher
Developed by: s.apental

Download Link: Download (2.0 MB)

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