5 Best Auto Liker Apps Free for Android 2019

Looking for some really cool Auto Liker Apps to help you to getting more likes? Well you are in right place, in today’s blog I will share some amazing auto liker apps you should try in 2019 in order to increase likes on your photos so stick with the post till end. In this article you will find the best and top auto liker apps of all time.

Facebook is worlds Number.1 social networking site in terms of Active Users and has most active community than any other social networking site in the world. If you are on Facebook surely you already know the importance of number of likes on your posts and photos. But that not always easy to achieve in order to get more likes you should have a strong Fan Following or number friends but what if you don’t have both? Don’t Worry we have a solution for you Facebook Auto Liker Apps are easy to use tools that will help you to get more likes for your photos and posts.

But wait! Not all the FB Auto Liker out there are safe to use, there are chances you might get your account block. So in this post we are going to share some safe and amazing auto liker apps with you that you shouldn’t miss out if you want to increase likes on your Facebook Profile.

1. Apental (also known as ApentalCalc)

Apental is one of the oldest auto liker apps in market and still top of the list. Over millions of users already using this application to get free auto likes. Most of the auto liker apps available on web requires you to generate access token in order to submit your post or photo to get likes.

Remember: There are many Fake Versions of this application are available on market if you are looking for the Original Version Visit this site to download.

Not With this app Apental has most friendly user interface and very easy to use. Once you installed this app on your device simply login with your Facebook credentials and wait select the photo on which you want to get likes and you will start an increase in your likes in a minute or two.
  • Apental has very friendly and easy to use user interface.
  • You don’t need to generate access token in order to submit your posts.
  • You will get upto 200 likes per submission and all likes will genuine from users around the world.
  • Apental is very safe to use and all of your credentials are secured with this application.
  • It Available free to download and use.

2. Machine likes (aka Machine Liker)

Machine likes is social exchange platform available in both web and android versions. It’s an auto like and auto commenting exchange tool in which you will get likes and comments. In return you will also need to give likes and comments to other users on platform this way the community will exchange likes and comments so that everyone gets a chance to increase likes.

According to Machine Likes official site it is India’s Number social exchange platform of 2016 for free auto likes and auto commenting. There are many other fake websites and apps claiming to be original Machine Liker but we have shared download link from original developer below.
  • Just like Apenal Machine Liker also have very easy to use user interface.
  • Available in .apk format for android users to easily use it on their android device.
  • Safe and secure to login and use to get likes.
  • The app is available free to download and use.

3. DJ Liker (DJ Liker APK)

Dj liker is free social media marketing tool available in both web and android versions. Dj liker app is one the most searched auto liker apps in 2018 on Google. It is one the most successful auto liker apps in terms of users and active community.

To use Dj liker apk you will require to generate to access token first in order to submit your post for likes. It is a session token required by most of the auto liker apps this will allow these auto liker apps to use your account later in order to give likes to other users.
  • One of most successful auto liker apps in market with most active user’s community.
  • You will get up to 300Likes in single submissions using this app.
  • Modern and easy to use – user interface.
  • Also available in web version for users who don’t have an android smart phone. 
  • Free to Use.

4. Zfn Liker APK

Zfn Liker comes in both Android and Web Version Zfn is great auto liker tools using which users can get 150 to 300 Likes Per Submission.

Zfn Liker is Available Free to Download any can download the the Zfn Liker for Free. Before Installing Make Sure to enable unknown sources on your device you can enable this option from your Phone > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable. Once you enabled this option you are good to go to install this app on your android device.
  • Easy to use and get hundreds of likes in each submit.
  • Available in APK Format for Android Users.
  • Modern User-Interface and Safe to Use.

5. KD Liker

KD Liker is another great Facebook Auto Liker App which happens to different from Apental. This App uses Generate Access Token Method in order to provide to likes to other users. If you don’t know what generate access token method for Facebook you can search it on web to know more about it.

KD Liker APK is Free to download and use and also one of the leading and most searched Auto Liker Apps in 2017 and 2018. You can Download KD Liker from Official Site or From Here.


These were the best of auto liker apps available for android and Facebook Users who are looking for a way to increase likes on their posts, photos and videos. We have gathered all the best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for you.

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