Tuesday, January 15, 2019

GFX Tool 4.9.5 (for PUBG) APK Free Download for Android

Do you love playing modern games like PUBG on your smartphone? Having issues like slow performance, lacking of visuals? If you are facing such problems GFX Tool App can help you to overcome all these issues very easily. With the help of GFX Tool you can control the screen resolution, frames per second and graphics type by doing all of these you will be able to play PUBG game even on slow performance smart phones and devices.
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GFX Tool is a (gfx optimizer) app for android devices that allow users to improve PUBG visuals without reconfiguring your smart phone manually. Simply launch this app on your smart phone select the version which you are using and select your preferences and launch the game from within the application.

It is tool that is designed to work with all type of android smart phones but there are some basic things you need to take care of if your smartphone doesn’t support the screen resolution size of images there is no point to manually force instate of doing this you can change other supported aspects.

If you are looking for a Gfx Optimizer App for All Sort of Apps and Game Try GLTools APK.

How to Improve PUBG Mobile Graphics on Android?

If you love to play PUBG Mobile on your smart phone at some stage you will always be needed to change certain parameters in game for best possible improve of graphics just like on any gaming laptop or PC. But to achieve this you will need to modify certain aspects or settings in the game.
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The most common way to achieve this is you need to configure settings on your smart phone manually this is bit difficult and complex method but if you want a simple way GFX Tool APK is an app that is particularly designed for this process.

You need to launch install this app on your android smart phone or tablet, after this launch the app on your device and select the version of game you are playing once this next step is to change the parameters of game you will see following options:

Version of Game 0.5 (Global), 0.6 (China) and 0.5(KR), Graphics Type, Styles, Resolution, FPS (Frames per Second), Shadows and MSAA.

By selecting all the above parameters launch the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds) on your android from within the GFX Tool App and it will improve the screen resolution and graphical aspects as well.

File Details:

Application Name: GFX Tool
Size: 2.48 MB
Version: 4.9.5
Developed By: Tsomi
Android Support: All Android OS

Download Link: Download (2.48 MB)
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